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First batch 2009
Narain, South Indian actor at ScreenWrite Convocation as Dr. Ramachandran, course participant and noted paediatrician from Thiruvarur interacts.
"ScreenWrite.In is the only Institute in the whole of Asia to learn the art of screenwriting. The syllabus designed by Mr. John is competent with any other world class screenplay course. The credit of me becoming a screenwriter and a Filmaker goes to ScreenWrite." Dawood Sait, Screenwriter - Mogudu(Telugu-Dir:KrishnaVamsi) Venkadatri Express (Telugu-Dir: Meralapakka Gandhi)
"ScreenWrite.In has been my root. The niche I’ve carved as Writer/Director in my country today is all because of ScreenWrite." Chand Rai, Bhutanese Writer-Director - Nu Ten, Gawa-the Other Side of Moon, Break the Silence.
Two-Day Worshop on Writing the Short.
Weekend Program at Bangalore.
"I owe the huge success of my first short film ‘Kar Bhalaa’ to John sir and his noble initiative called ScreenWrite.In."

Biswanath Rath - Writer/Filmaker. Short Film 'Kar Bhalaa' won many national awards; screenwrite at many International Film Festivals.

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Almost all of us can tell a story. We do that every day. We look at, read through, hear about and tell hundreds of stories now and then, hour by hour. But then, the million dollar question is: Do we really tell great stories?

To become a professional storyteller needs profound knowledge; the subject of storytelling isvast and multifarious. And it needs effort and skill-set to transport your story to an audience, to make it sound a great story.

Do you have a story for a Movie, you probably have been carrying for so long, not knowing how to go about writing it? ScreenWrite.In exists just to help you achieve your dream.


“This’s a conscious effort to bring to light to many aspiring or even incumbent screenwriters, an organized, step by step guidance to screenwriting. The programs are defined from existing systems in practice worldwide, blended with my own experiences in screenwriting for the last twenty seven years.” Chief Mentor John E.

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A Workshop @ Bangalore

Two-Day Weekend workshop on ALL
ABOUT SCREENPLAYS at Bhubaneswar, Odisha ::   19-20 July, 2014.

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SW starts Distance Education Programs for
aspiring screenwriters all over Tamilnadu and India. For more details submit your online applications or write to:

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John Edathattil, Founder of ScreenWrite.In  is soon to launch online certification courses on screenwriting
considering the query from many aspirants around the world. Await webinars to follow, too!

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ScreenWrite.In will sincerely help you sell
your screenplay. Advertise your product in our website which is linked to many reputed production houses and directors!

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Ikchr Entertainment Pvt Ltd looks forward
to support and produce qualified feature films and shorts. /

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Coming Soon .....


November 2015
Scope for Screenwriters: Introductory 2-Day Course
Visual Storytelling: An Introduction for Directors, Writers & Producers
December 2015
Practical Tools for Creative Screenwriting -
Individuality and Career Development for Writers, Directors & Producers

January 2016
Developing the Visual Imagination: Storyboarding for Directors & Screenwriters
Script Surgery   

February 2016
Screenwriters’ engagement in Post Production
About Location Sound for Screenwriters and Directors

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