Comedy Screenplay Workshop


Duration: May 20th to June 4th(Over 3 Weekends)
12-Hours plus | 4 to 6PM IST

Learn the foundations and techniques of comedy-writing, the principles of humour and the secrets of why we laugh.

Fee: ₹4999

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Week – 01: Day-01

    • Has Humour-Writing Any Secrets?
    • How We Go About This Workshop
    • Humour Vs Comedy?
    • Analysing Humour
    • A Brief Comic History
    • Body Language
    • Humour for the Visual Medium

Week – 01: Day-02

    • Why we Laugh?
    • Reasons for Laughter
    • The Science of Humour
    • The Benefits of Humour Writing
    • A Map to Success as Humourist
    • Premise and Character
    • Characters in Screen Comedy
    • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-01

        • Six Essentials of Humour
        • Target Humour
        • Hostility
        • Exaggeration
        • Emotion
        • Surprise
        • Exercises


Week – 02: Day-02

        • Plotting and Comedic Scenes
        • Fish out of Water
        • Structuring Comedy Movie
        • The Comic World
        • The Goal
        • The Fun & Games OR Brave New World
        • Testing and Testing
        • Heart, Love, Loss
        • Transformation and Epiphany
        • Rant, Banter, Slapstick and
        • Montage in Scene


Week – 03: Day-01

        • Humour Writing Techniques
        • Play of Words
        • Reverses
        • Paired Elements
        • Triples
        • How Funny, Foul Language?

Week – 03: Day-02

        • Performative Comedy
        • Writing the Grammar of the Shot
        • Gags Vs Narrative
        • Writing the Comedian Comedy
        • Dark Comedy and Farce
        • Writing for Sitcoms
        • Selling Comedy



Sab John Edathattil is an Indian screenwriter and filmmaker, who has penned scripts for some very critically acclaimed films in Malayalam and Tamil.

Screenwriter: Chanakyan, Guna, Jilunnu Oru Kadhal and many more... 


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