A Specialty Course in Screenwriting that details how to transform your character in your Screenplay.

A bundle of 18 hours of LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE Training Sessions through 3-Weekends PLUS Hands-On Exercises, Review & Feedback

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Medium of instruction: Instructions will be in English. Participants can apply the learnings across any language.

Week 01 Day-01: (3 hrs)

  • The Bonding of Story and Plot
  • Relevance of Characters in Story & Plot
  • Aristotelian Traditions, – Monomyth & Genre
  • Why we need Great Characters?
  • Can we Structure Characters?
  • Character Types in Story

Week 01 Day-02: (3 hrs)

  • Theme from Characters?
  • A definition of the character arc form exist?
  • Character Arcs in Context
  • Fundamental Fears -Motivate Characters
  • Why Character Arcs -Transform Stories
  • Character’s Arc function in cinematic narrative
  • How Characters change

 Week 02 Day-03: (3 hrs) 

-Character’s Choice vs – Character’s Goal

-Changes according to – Types of Characters

-Suggested changes of – Character Arc

-Character reaction Patterns

-The Moral Choice and Denouement

-New Definition of the Character Arc



Week 02 Day-04: (3 Hrs)

-Deciding Your Character’s Arc

-Character’s Arc, a Subplot?

-Impact Character? -Why Every Story Need One?

-Minor Characters Have Arcs?

-Rewards and Punishments for Change?

-Your Story Has No Character Arc?

-Character Arc in a Series?


Week 03 Day-05: (3 Hrs)

-The Five Major Character Arcs – Overview

-The Positive Change -Arc: Hands On Exercise

-The Lie Your Character Believes

-Wants vs Needs

-Ghost, Moment, Normal World

-The Three Acts and Plot-points

-The Climax & Resolution

-The Flat Arc: Hands On Exercise

-The First Act

-The Second Act

-The Third Act


Week 03 Day-06: (3 Hrs)

  • The Negative Change Arc: Hands On Exercise
  • The First Act
  • The Second Act
  • The Third Act
  • Reviewing the Arcs



Sab John Edathattil is an Indian screenwriter and filmmaker, who has penned scripts for some very critically acclaimed films in Malayalam and Tamil.

Screenwriter: Chanakyan, Guna, Jilunnu Oru Kadhal and many more... 


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