Weave Screenplay From Blank Mind

A Process – Workshop

Idea >> Story >> Screenplay


Duration: Nov 5th to 19th 2022 (Over 3 Weekends)
12-Hours plus | 4 to 6PM IST

A Process Workshop where you get a grip on the process, and an overview of the tools and devices employed to build a professional speculative screenplay

Fee: 4499

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Week – 01: Day-01

  • Blank Mind to Theme to Premise
  • Writing from the Heart
  • Story World
  • Character’s World
  • Contrast and Irony
  • World and Exposition
  • Research and Consistency
  • Exercises

Week – 01: Day-02

  • Character vs Story
  • Character’s Activity and Action
  • Character Types and Functions
  • Character and Context
  • Character Elements
  • Character Arc
  • Character Arc vs. Catalytic
  • Building Characters
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-01

  • Approaches to Structure
  • Aristotle and Poetics
  • Elements of Structure
  • Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
  • The Art of Dramatic Writing
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • Innovative Structure
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-02

  • Power and Conflict
  • The Orchestration of Power and Conflict
  • Types of Story Conflict
  • The Beat and Making a Scene
  • Sequences and Subplot Sequences
  • Step Outlines and Beat-Sheets
  • Exercises

Week – 03: Day-01

  • Narrative
  • The Role of Dialogue and Techniques
  • Exposition
  • Technical Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue
  • The First Draft
  • Rewriting and Revisions
  • Formats of Screenplays
  • Exercises

Week – 03: Day-02

  • The Beginning of a screenplay
  • The Climax of a screenplay
  • Copyrights and Pitching Overview
  • Evaluation and Wind-up



Sab John Edathattil is an Indian screenwriter and filmmaker, who has penned scripts for some very critically acclaimed films in Malayalam and Tamil.

Screenwriter: Chanakyan, Guna, Jilunnu Oru Kadhal and many more... 


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