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Welcome to the ScreenWrite’s Screenplay Market page!

Here, you find completed original screenplays, teleplays and short screenplays of different genres, and targeted for different markets.

All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved.

Once you make your choice you may mail us of your interest on a particular screenplay, and we’ll connect you to the respective author.

Or if required ScreenWrite will act as Agent of the authors, and guide you to your right buy!

Completed Feature Screenplays on hand for Sale:

01.  Genre: Romantic Comedy
     Pages: 120
     Ideal for: Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Kannada

02.  Genre: Action Comedy Buddy
     Pages: 125
     Ideal for: Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Kannada

03.  Genre: Action Thriller
     Pages: 130
     Ideal for: Hindi

04.  Genre: Dramatic Suspense Comedy
     Pages: 130
     Ideal for: Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Kannada

05.  Genre: Suspense Thriller Investigative
     Pages: 120
     Ideal for: Tamil/Hindi

06.  Genre: Romance Drama
     In development
     Ideal for: Tamil/Malayalam/Telugu/Kannada


Completed Teleplay on hand for Sale:

01.  Genre: Psychological Thriller
     Duration per Episode: One Hour
     Number of Episodes: 23
     Language: Tamil
     Ideal for: Any language.


Please write to:



A Workshop @ Bangalore

Two-Day Weekend workshop on ALL
ABOUT SCREENPLAYS at Bhubaneswar, Odisha ::   19-20 July, 2014.

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SW starts Distance Education Programs for
aspiring screenwriters all over Tamilnadu and India. For more details submit your online applications or write to:

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John Edathattil, Founder of ScreenWrite.In  is soon to launch online certification courses on screenwriting
considering the query from many aspirants around the world. Await webinars to follow, too!

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ScreenWrite.In will sincerely help you sell
your screenplay. Advertise your product in our website which is linked to many reputed production houses and directors!

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Ikchr Entertainment Pvt Ltd looks forward
to support and produce qualified feature films and shorts. /

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Coming Soon .....


November 2015
Scope for Screenwriters: Introductory 2-Day Course
Visual Storytelling: An Introduction for Directors, Writers & Producers
December 2015
Practical Tools for Creative Screenwriting -
Individuality and Career Development for Writers, Directors & Producers

January 2016
Developing the Visual Imagination: Storyboarding for Directors & Screenwriters
Script Surgery   

February 2016
Screenwriters’ engagement in Post Production
About Location Sound for Screenwriters and Directors

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